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Rent an ambulance

Our ambulances can be rented for all types of events, including festivals, sports events, and concerts. We can offer different types of ambulances, depending on your needs and requirements.

If you are holding an event, you can rent an ambulance from Event Medical Services

Rent an ambulance for your event

Are you planning an event where safety is crucial? Then it's a good idea to consider renting an ambulance. At Event Medical Services ApS, you can rent ambulance attendants for any type of event.

Our ambulance attendants are equipped with all the necessary equipment, medicine, and medical devices to handle emergency situations. We have skilled and experienced paramedics who will ensure that your event runs as safely as possible. We can also offer additional services such as nurses or doctors.

Contact us today and let us help ensure that your event runs smoothly without any issues.

When you hire Event Medical Services as a supplier of ambulance guards, you are sure that all the ambulance rescuers are approved.

Approved ambulance paramedics

Event Medical can provide ambulance attendants for events where legislation requires it, or where the organizer wants a high and professional pre-hospital preparedness.

Our ambulances are approved under the ambulance regulations and staffed according to applicable legislation with authorized ambulance paramedics or paramedics, who will ensure a safe experience for the patient. If the need for emergency ambulance transport should arise, our modern monitoring equipment is at the same advanced level as a regional ambulance.

When you hire an ambulance from Event Medical Services, the patient receives the same treatment as in a regional ambulance.

Medical treatment

Event Medical Services is registered as a pre-hospital actor under the Danish Patient Safety Authority and the Danish Medicines Agency. Our healthcare professionals are authorized and have both treatment and medical delegation under the company's chief physician.

We are not a voluntary association, but a professional company that provides specialized professionals with the right education and experience to manage pre-hospital safety. We provide the same medical emergency preparedness and skills as an approved Danish ambulance.

Event Medical Services has advanced monitoring equipment in all ambulances.

Advanced monitoring equipment

Should the need suddenly arise during ambulance transport, our monitoring equipment is on the same advanced level as if you were picked up by a regional ambulance. It is important that the patient feels secure in our ambulance. This can be ensured, among other things, by having modern equipment and personnel with the right experience.

If you would like to know more about our patient monitoring, our healthcare professionals are available to answer any questions.

Get an offer for ambulance hire

Get an offer for ambulance hire

When you hire Event Medical Services as your prehospital provider of private ambulance services, it's important for us that both the customer and the patient feel safe and satisfied with the service we provide.

To ensure a high level of satisfaction with our services, we always listen to your needs and wishes. We also provide healthcare advice and expertise from the industry, so whether you need an ambulance for a motor race, music event, or transportation from abroad, we will create the right solution for you.

Contact us today to plan your ambulance services.

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