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Global assistance

English: Event Medical Services has extensive experience with various medical repatriation services, including ambulance, medical escort, and air ambulance, and as such, we have built a vast knowledge and expertise in this field.

Event Medical Services can help with repatriation from all over the world

Home transport from all over the world

We can bring you home using modern ambulances, with a medical escort on a commercial flight, or with a stretcher on an air ambulance anywhere in the world.

You can rely on us to safely and quickly bring you to your desired destination. Whether it's ambulance transport, advice on repatriation, medical flight guidance, or an air ambulance flight, we take care of all practical and organizational matters related to your repatriation.

It's about relationships. The Event Medical Service team has built years of experience and knowledge, and we have safely and quickly brought many patients home - and you can trust that we will get you home safely.

We tailor the home transport

Which service is the right?

We have many years of experience with various home transport services, including ground ambulance, air ambulance, and medical escort. Based on this experience, we have built up a vast knowledge and know-how in this area. Our team consists of highly skilled medical experts who will advise you on the best way to be transported home.

We take into consideration the following factors:

  • The patient's condition
  • The distance
  • The urgency
Patient's condition

1. Patient's condition

Each patient requires medical treatment tailored to their specific situation. The best and safest method of transport depends largely on their medical condition.

  • Are life support measures required?
  • Does the patient need to be ventilated (respirator)?
  • Can the patient sit upright, or does the patient need to lie down throughout the journey?
  • Each case is carefully mapped out in consultation with the family and often with the local doctors before we develop a plan that best suits the patient's needs.

2. Distance

Distance is another crucial factor in choosing the best mode of transportation. An ambulance can cover long distances by road, but a flight is significantly faster. Some bodies of water can be easily crossed by ferry or through a tunnel, allowing an ambulance to be used on the highway. An ambulance flight, on the other hand, is the fastest way for international or even intercontinental medical repatriations.

At Event Medical Services, we have international partners all over the world, ensuring a seamless transition between healthcare systems abroad and the medical journey home.

Urgency level

3. Urgency level

Time and speed can play a crucial role in deciding the best mode of transportation for your situation. Sometimes circumstances dictate that there is no option but to make a quick decision due to medical reasons or simply because it is not feasible for the family to wait any longer. In these cases, we can act swiftly and take the optimal measures for your situation.

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When you, as a customer, hire Event Medical Services as a pre-hospital provider, it is important for us that both the requester and the patient feel safe and satisfied with the service we provide.

To create great satisfaction around our services, we always listen to your wishes and needs - we add health professional advice and industry experience, so whether an ambulance, medical escort, or an air ambulance is needed for transportation from abroad, we will put together the right solution for you.

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